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About Us

With immense pleasure we would like to introduce ourselves as the Franchise centre at Nashik for the World’s No.1 Technical Support Company under the name of M/s Hexa Infotech, Nashik.

aboutus_image Troubleshooters is an international network of Computer technicians started 6 years ago in Australia and now spread over 400 locations in 20 countries. Computer Troubleshooter’s business strategy focuses on continued geographical and knowledge expansion to meet the ever increasing demands and changes of the technology revolution.

Computer Troubleshooters prides itself on being one of the few international companies (perhaps the only international company) that focuses on Computer Service, Support and Training rather than the supply of hardware and/or software. We are totally independent of any hardware or software supplier and this allows us to work with and for the customer. We provide solutions and give advice that focus on the customers' real needs.

Fast Facts on Computer Troubleshooters:

bullet1 10 years of experience in the technical support field.

bullet2 Largest International network consisting of over 400 locations in 20 countries.

bullets3 5 million and above user base.

bullet4 “Worlds No.1 Tech Support Company” and “World’s No.1 tech support Franchise” in 2002, 2003 and 2004, according to The Entrepreneur.

Computer Troubleshooters are highly regarded for their unique and distinct style of on-site computer service and remote administration to provide quality computer services. The international network pools in its knowledge to help solve the complex problems with ease. Computer Troubleshooters India